Arts and Humanities

Yale faculty and students explore the human experience in all its complexity to grasp fully global challenges. They ask questions about the world and develop new areas in teaching and scholarship, including those that act as a bridge between the arts and the rest of the university.

With this university initiative, Yale deepens its historic preeminence in the arts and humanities and reaffirms their fundamental place in a liberal education: to learn what is meaningful, what matters, and who we are as individuals and as communities and societies. 

Highlighting Progress

Humanities Quadrangle

This landmark refurbishment brings together 15 humanities departments, along with signature programs like Directed Studies and the Whitney Humanities Center, encouraging scholarship across disciplines and accelerating Yale’s ability to ask and answer key questions about ourselves and the world.

The Humanities Quadrangle

Leadership in education and scholarship

Building on Yale’s history of pathbreaking education and scholarship, each of the nineteen doctoral humanities programs in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences considers how Yale can continue to lead in doctoral education in the humanities. The Humanities Doctoral Education Advisory Working Group’s recommendations are guiding this effort.

Leadership in education and scholarship

New facilities for the arts

New and renovated spaces across campus support Yale’s continued excellence in fine arts and performance, including plans for a new state-of-the-art theater, performance, and educational facility that will serve students from the David Geffen School of Drama and Yale College’s theater and performance communities.

New facilities for the arts

Faculty expansion

Yale has recruited a number of field-changing faculty members and continues to do so, at all ranks, across a broad range of departments and subjects, strengthening the university's expertise in both traditional and emerging fields.

Yale Digital Humanities Lab

Located in Sterling Memorial Library, the Franke Family Digital Humanities Laboratory serves as a collaborative space for applying advanced computing to humanities-related data, accommodates a broad range of digital projects, and offers cutting-edge resources for students, faculty, and scholars.

Yale Digital Humanities Lab

Selected Milestones

January 2017
August 2017

Launched the reimagined Center for Collaborative Arts and Media

March 2018
June 2021

Eliminated tuition at David Geffen School of Drama

September 2021

Opened the Humanities Quadrangle

January 2022

Eliminated tuition for aided students at Yale Divinity School

October 2022
February 2023

Began fourth phase of conservation and renovation of Yale Center for British Art; projected reopening in 2024


Continued investment in new faculty hires at all ranks across humanities departments