The priorities at Yale are clear—and the plan to achieve them is strong and bolstered by an excellent academic and administrative leadership team. The university initiatives move us—and the world we are working to improve—toward a future that brims with possibility.

Maurie McInnis

Yale University President

Yale University President Maurie McInnis standing with her arms crossed

A Vision for Yale’s Future

Yale’s mission is to improve the world today and for generations to come through outstanding research and scholarship, education, preservation, and practice. Formalized in 2016 after conversations and consultations with faculty, staff, students, and alumni, the university initiatives identify four pillars of strategic emphasis to advance that mission.


The vision for Yale’s future is powered by the work of all members of the Yale community and is supported by the contributions of alumni, parents, and friends through the For Humanity Campaign.

University Initiatives

These four pillars build on the university’s iconic strengths and guide investment to areas where its work can have an outsized impact. And each of the initiatives supports the university’s historic obligations to create knowledge that benefits humanity and educate leaders of insight and integrity.

Arts and Humanities

explore and understand the human experience in all its complexity

Explore Arts and Humanities Initiative
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Multidisciplinary Social Science

addresses the great issues of the day with facts and analysis

Explore Multidisciplinary Social Science Initiative
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Science and Engineering

advance research and spark discoveries that can improve lives

Explore Science and Engineering Initiative
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Community Inclusion and Excellence

foster a diverse and exceptional educational community

Explore Community Inclusion and Excellence Initiative