Building Name Changes on the Yale Campus

Name Changes to Buildings, Structures, and Significant Spaces at Yale

The following is a partial listing of prominent name changes at buildings, structures, and significant spaces on the Yale campus.  It is illustrative, not exhaustive.  Many, but not all, of these changes took place when new structures were built and old ones demolished.  Others, though not all others, accompanied major renovations. 

Original Name

Successor Name

Union Hall (1793-1893)

Vanderbilt Hall (1894)

New building

Alumni Hall (1851-1911)

Wright Hall (1912-1993)

New building

Pierson Hall (1897-1917)

Harkness Memorial Quadrangle (1921)

New building

University Quadrangle (1901-1927)

Hewitt Quadrangle (1927) / Beinecke Plaza (1963)

Bequest / custom

Hopkins Hall (1840-1930)

Sterling Law Buildings (1931)

New building

Old Library (1889-1930)

Dwight Chapel (1931)


South Sheffield Hall (1814-1931)

Sheffield-Sterling-Strathcona (1932)

New building

Sloane Laboratory (1882-1931)

Jonathan Edwards College (1932)

New building

Harkness Memorial Quadrangle (1921-1933)

Branford and Saybrook Colleges (1933)


Sterling Quadrangle

Trumbull College (1933)


University Gymnasium (1890-1932)

Trumbull College (1933)

New building

Vanderbilt Square

Silliman College (1933)


Gibbs Hall

Berkeley College (1934)

New building

York Hall (1897-1954)

Stoeckel Hall (1954)


St. Elmo Hall (1912-1962)

Rosenfeld Hall (1963?)

Renaming upon acquisition

Winchester Hall

Becton Center (1967)

New building

City Fire House (1905 – 1971)

Calvin Hill Day Care (1971)

Repurposing and renaming

Delta Kappa Epsilon

Yale Alumni House (1978) / Rose Alumni House (1997)

Gift / renovation

Pierson Slave Quarters (1933-1980)

Lower Court (1980) / Rosenkranz Court (2004)

Renaming / renovation

Sheffield Laboratory

A. K. Watson Hall (1986)


Corby Court (1968-1993)

Joseph Slifka Center for Jewish Life at Yale (1993)

New building

Wright Hall (1912-1993)

Lanman-Wright Hall (1993)


Bob Cook Boathouse (1923-1999)

Gilder Boathouse (1999)

New building

Bingham Oceanographic Laboratory (1959-1999)

Class of 1954 Environmental Sciences Facility (2001)


Yale Sailing Center

McNay Family Sailing Center (2006)


Cross Campus Library (1971-2007)

Bass Library (2007)


Mazutto Baseball Practice Field

 [name removed in 2009-2010]

Name removed

University Dining Hall (1901-2002)

University Commons (or “Commons”) / Commons at Schwarzman Center (2015)

Custom / renovation

Seeley G. Mudd Library (1982-2014)

Pauli Murray College (2017)

New building