The Committee to Establish Principles on Renaming is deeply grateful for gracious and dogged assistance in researching questions about names and renaming. 

The staff at Manuscript and Archives at the Sterling Memorial Library, including Michael Lotstein (head of University Archives) and Judith Schiff (the University’s Chief Research Archivist) offered indispensable assistance, as did the reference librarians at the Lillian Goldman Law Library.

A group of dedicated research assistants helped us learn as much as we could about the problem before us.   The researchers who helped us are not responsible for any of the conclusions we reached, and indeed may disagree with some or all of them.  Many thanks to Jeanine Alvarez, Catherine Chen, Nyamagaga Gondwe, Vinay Nayak, Noah Rosenblum, Brent Salter, Thomas Scott-Railton, and Charles Maximilian Walden.

Decisionmakers and scholars at Yale and elsewhere shared their experiences and scholarly expertise with the Committee on a number of the questions we pursued during the course of our inquiry.  Many thanks in particular to Akhil Amar, Edward Ayers, Daina Berry, Tomiko Brown-Nagin, Rev. Matthew Carnes, Jack Dovidio, Charles Duckett, Annette Gordon-Reed, Brent Henry, Robert Post, and Jennifer Richeson for making presentations to the Committee.