President’s Council on International Activities

The President's Council on International Activities was formed in 1998 by President Richard C. Levin to provide guidance on Yale's international agenda. The Council meets on campus once a year, and individual members provide assistance to the University throughout the year. Most importantly, the Council has been a source of ideas for developing the University's international agenda.

Meetings focus on specific issues and programs such as the University's activities in China, admission of international students, the Yale World Fellows Program, and initiatives of the Whitney and Betty MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies. In each of these cases, the advice of the Council has proved invaluable in guiding Yale’s activities.

Members of the Council reside and work in countries around the globe and represent numerous sectors including finance and banking, consumer products, shipping, technology, advertising, media, academia, and government.

Council Members 2017-2018

Alexander N. Abramov, Parent ’14
Petr Aven, Parent ’16
Sharyar Aziz ’74 B.A.
Roger L. Barnett ’86 B.A., ’89 J.D.
Thomas C. Barry ’66 B.A.
Hakeem Belo-Osagie, Parent ’16
Paloma Botin, Parent '14, '17
Christopher Bradford ’00 B.A.
Nicholas F. Brady ’52 B.A.
Eric Braverman ’97 B.A., ’02 J.D.
Marcos Bulgheroni 95 B.A.
Martha Finn Brooks ’81 B.A., ’86 M.B.A.
Barbara Bush ’04 B.A.
Ronnie C. Chan, Friend
Natarajan Chandrasekaran, Parent ’20
Justin Chang ’89 B.A.
Christopher Cheng, Parent ’99
Maureen C. Chiquet ’85 B.A.
Timothy Collins ’82 M.B.A.
Ethelbert Cooper ’74 B.A.
Philippe Costeletos ’87 B.A.
Nelson W. Cunningham ’80 B.A.
Kevin R. Czinger ’82 B.A., ’87 J.D.
Richard A. Deitz ’87 B.A.
William H. Draper III ’50 B.A.
Henry H.L. Fan, Parent ’01
Hugo Faria ’86 B.A.
Donald Gips ’89 MBA
Elizabeth Gips ’89 MBA
Thomas H. Glocer ’84 J.D.
Charles W. Goodyear ’80 B.S.
Maurice R. Greenberg, Parent ’95
Abel Halpern ’88 B.A.
Carla A. Hills ’58 LL.B.
James F. Hoge, Jr. ’58 B.A.
Brad Huang ’90 M.B.A.
John W. Jackson ’67 B.A.
Reuben Jeffery ’75 B.A.
Linda Jewell ’75 B.A.
Neal L. Keny-Guyer ’82 M.P.P.M.
Thomas B. Ketchum ’72 B.A.
Shiv Vikram Khemka, Parent ’20
James A. Lawrence ’74 B.A.
Rochelle Lazarus, Parent ’02, ’10
James Leitner ’75 B.A.
Timothy Light ’60 B.A.
Alexander N. Macridis, Esq. ’84 B.A., ’87 J.D.
Kishore Mahbubani, Parent ’11, ’14
Salvador Medina Chao, Friend
Prakash Melwani, Parent ’16
Rajan Bharti Mittal, Parent ’16
Rakesh Mohan ’71 B.A.
Mario Monti ’68  Grd
Robert R. Morse ’77 B.A.
John Negroponte ’60 B.A.
Clark T. Randt ’68 B.A.
David W. Rivkin ’77 B.A., ’80 J.D.
Henry B. Schacht ’56E B.S.
Jaime Serra ’77 M.A., ’79 Ph.D.
Neil Nanpeng Shen ’92 M.A.
Paul E. Simons ’77 B.A.
Dinakar Singh ’90 B.A.
Chandrika Tandon, Parent ’10
Clyde Tuggle ’88 M.Div.
Antoine van Agtmael ’70 M.A.
Andrés M. von Buch ’67 B.A.
Margaret Warner ’71 B.A.
Michael J. Warren ’90 B.A.
Daniel Yergin ’68 B.A.
Fareed Zakaria ’86 B.A.
Lei Zhang ’02 M.B.A., ’02 M.A.