President Peter Salovey

Welcome to Yale University

When I first arrived on campus as a graduate student in the Department of Psychology, I felt honored to become part of the legacy and tradition of Yale. Over the years, I have met many people in our laboratories, libraries, and classrooms, who remain close colleagues and lifelong friends. Yale is more than just a place where one studies and works—it is a place that brings people together as a community and binds them in the shared pursuit of knowledge.

Since my appointment as president, I have had the pleasure of listening to thoughtful advice about how we can make Yale an even more inspiring institution. So many in the community—students, faculty and staff members, alumni, parents, friends, and neighbors—have eagerly offered their stories about what, to them, matters most about Yale. And for this, I am grateful.

I look forward to continuing to have your perspectives as we endeavor to be a more accessible, innovative, and unified Yale. I am both proud and humbled to serve as Yale’s 23rd president, and I am deeply honored to be a member of this community. 

Peter Salovey
President, Yale University