An update regarding yesterday’s shooting in New Haven

April 17, 2019

To the Yale Community,

Last night, Vice President for Administration Janet Lindner sent an email alerting our community to news of a shooting incident that had taken place early yesterday morning in New Haven, and that involved a Yale police officer. Moments ago, we posted an update on what we know: you can find that here.

I write this evening to assure you that Yale will cooperate fully in the investigation that the Connecticut State Police and the State’s Attorney’s Office are conducting; when they have finished, and we can have access to the evidence, we will also conduct our own investigation into this matter. As the primary investigation proceeds, we will share whatever information we can as quickly as we can about the circumstances of the shooting.

We will also engage with our fellow members of the greater New Haven community. Our relief that the young woman who was shot did not suffer life-threatening injuries must not signal closure, but rather an opening: now is the time for all of us—city residents, their elected leaders, community organizers, and the Yale community—to come together. I and other Yale leaders and New Haven Mayor Toni Harp are in close touch, as are the Yale and New Haven Police Departments. I know we can work together to make our beloved city safe for all.

As is standard protocol for any instance of a police officer discharging a weapon, the Yale police officer involved in this incident has been placed on leave pending the outcome of the investigation. It is vitally important that we refrain from making assumptions about the circumstances of the shooting: the facts of this case will be made clear through the investigation.

Many members of the Yale and New Haven communities have reached out to me to express their concern. I am grateful for your commitment to justice, and I share it. As we wait to learn more about this incident, let us treat each other with respect and decency, and with a sense of common purpose.


Peter Salovey
Chris Argyris Professor of Psychology

For more information, please see the summary of key facts and FAQs.