Message from President Salovey about the U.S. Presidential Transition

November 16, 2016

To the Yale Community,

As a university, we value diversity and inclusion, cherish the free exchange of ideas on our campus, revere knowledge and understanding, and seek to elevate the level of our national discussions.

In any presidential transition, Yale and our peer institutions work together to identify issues before the federal government that affect us as universities. Yale is a leader in these networks and has been working for weeks to prepare for a transition—whatever the result of the election might have been—and we will continue to fully collaborate with institutions of higher education throughout the nation.

Let me address one area of immediate concern to many of you. Many in our community are worried about potential changes in immigration laws in the United States. Our primary objective is the safety and well-being of those on our campus, including our many international students and scholars, and we have taken a series of steps to address their concerns and provide them with advice and resources. A group of faculty experts, students, and university administrators is analyzing the many complex legal issues and exploring possible responses. We are already working with local, state, and federal officials to address these important policy issues, and we will be monitoring any changes closely. As in all matters relevant to the university’s success, we will be engaging policy makers, in particular to assure that all Yale students can complete their degrees and go on to be successful and valued contributors to the nation and the world.

I urge all of us to reject hatred and intolerance, and work together toward the common good, embracing what is best in our nation and its people: our belief in equality for all, our welcoming spirit, and our commitment to mutual respect and inclusiveness.


Peter Salovey
President and Chris Argyris Professor of Psychology