Graffiti incidents inside Kline Biology Tower

October 5, 2021

Dear Members of the Yale Community,

As described in Chief Ronnell Higgins’s message, two incidents involving racist and anti-Semitic graffiti have occurred inside the Kline Biology Tower, which has been under construction and closed to the Yale community. I am outraged by these despicable and cowardly acts of hate, and I am deeply saddened that the crew working on the site, members of our police department, and others within our community who have responded to these incidents had to see such vile messages.

The Yale Police Department is actively trying to identify and apprehend those responsible. I also have asked Yale Police and Yale Security to increase patrols on campus. I am grateful to Chief Higgins and our colleagues in public safety for responding to these incidents and for working around the clock to protect all those who work and live on our campus.

Yale has stood and will continue to stand united against acts of hate.


Peter Salovey
Chris Argyris Professor of Psychology