Affirming Yale’s culture of integrity and ethical conduct

October 6, 2022

Dear Fellow Members of the Yale Faculty and Staff,

We write to thank you for the work you do daily to advance Yale’s mission in a way that reflects the highest standards of integrity and ethical conduct. This past spring, we all learned that a former Yale employee breached our collective trust in an act of theft, and that incident led us to consider more deeply how we can underscore our commitment to supporting you in creating a culture of integrity and exemplary behavior in the workplace.  

In March, a former Yale employee in the Department of Emergency Medicine pled guilty in federal court to wire fraud and filing a false tax return in relation to a multi-year theft of computer and electronic hardware from the university. When Yale discovered evidence of this fraud, the university took appropriate actions. We strengthened our ability to detect fraud, and work is underway to further improve our practices for financial reporting, analysis, and training. 
In the course of reviewing this incident, we learned that some members of our community feel reluctant to come forward and speak up about activities they view as improper or suspicious, whether this involves possible financial impropriety, non-compliance with policies, or inappropriate conduct. Their reluctance stems in part from a perceived lack of support from leadership and a fear of potential repercussions. This disturbs us greatly.

We write to you today to underscore our unambiguous support for any staff or faculty member who comes forward to report concerns about misconduct of any kind. The integrity and ethical conduct of Yale faculty and staff are critical to the university’s ability to achieve its mission to improve the world through outstanding education, research, scholarship, preservation, and practice.

Yale firmly enforces its policy against retaliation and provides resources for those with questions or concerns about violations of Yale’s health and safety standards, legal and regulatory requirements, and policies. The Yale University Hotline offers telephone and online reporting options, including anonymous reporting. It also includes a list of offices that can address specific issues.

Each of us can be vigilant in protecting Yale’s mission and in helping reinforce expectations for integrity and ethical conduct as described in detail in the formal policies and procedures of the university, including the Faculty Handbook, the Standards of Business Conduct, the Policy Against Discrimination and Harassment, Yale Sexual Misconduct Policies and Related Definitions, and Policy 1101 Guiding Principles for University Operations. We urge you to contact university resources, any member of the University Cabinet, or the University Hotline if you have questions about our community standards or an individual’s conduct, without fear of reprisal. 

Thank you for all that you do to promote a culture of integrity and ethical behavior at our university. Your dedication to Yale and the many great contributions you make every day are essential to the present and future well-being of our university. We look forward to keeping you updated as we continue to strengthen the university’s guidelines and practices. 

With best regards,

Peter Salovey, President
Scott Strobel, Provost
Deborah Berke, Dean, School of Architecture
Robert Blocker, Dean, School of Music
Jeffrey Brock, Dean, School of Engineering & Applied Science
Nancy Brown, Dean, School of Medicine
James Bundy, Dean, David Geffen School of Drama
Indy Burke, Dean, School of the Environment
Kerwin Charles, Dean, School of Management
Lynn Cooley, Dean, Graduate School of Arts & Sciences
Tamar Gendler, Dean, Faculty of Arts & Sciences
Heather Gerken, Dean, Law School
Ann Kurth, Dean, School of Nursing
Jim Levinsohn, Dean, Jackson School of Global Affairs
Pericles Lewis, Dean, Yale College
Melinda Pettigrew, Interim Dean, School of Public Health
Kym Pinder, Dean, School of Art
Greg Sterling, Dean, Divinity School
Jack Callahan Jr., Senior Vice President for Operations
Alex Dreier, Senior Vice President for Institutional Affairs and General Counsel
John Barden, Vice President for Information Technology
Jack Michael (Mike) Bellamy, Vice President for Facilities and Campus Development
Kim Goff-Crews, Secretary and Vice President for University Life
Stephen Murphy, Vice President for Finance and Chief Financial Officer
Joan O’Neill, Vice President for Alumni Affairs and Development
Karen Peart, Interim Vice President for Communications
John Whelan, Vice President for Human Resources