Thinking About Yale’s Future: Goals for the University

Yale seeks to become the world’s most student-centered research university, a preeminent institution unified, innovative, and accessible across all schools, departments, and programs.

A unified Yale leverages its broad scope but modest size to bring together schools and programs to synthesize or enrich new areas of teaching and scholarship. An innovative Yale values and promotes creativity and entrepreneurial spirit in all of its activities. And an accessible Yale opens its doors based on individuals’ accomplishments, potential, and ability to contribute to and learn from others in the university community.

Seven critical ambitions contribute to, and are informed by, the university’s core missions of research and scholarship, education, preservation, and practice:

  • To be the research university most committed to teaching and learning.
  • To provide an unsurpassed campus learning environment that cultivates innovators, leaders, pioneers, creators, and entrepreneurs in all fields and for all sectors of society.
  • To offer a Yale education to an even more diverse student body from throughout the world without regard to financial circumstances.
  • To be a world leader in basic, translational, and applied scientific and social scientific research, deepening our commitment to the innovative application of new knowledge beyond our campus and transcending disciplinary boundaries and methodological traditions.
  • To stand unsurpassed in humanities and arts scholarship, teaching, and practice, providing a liberal education to undergraduates, promoting enlightened scholarship among doctoral candidates, and preparing other graduate students for professional careers.
  • To create a university where individuals not only work and study, but fully engage in the life of the campus, a campus that is an exemplar of best practices for its host city and the world.
  • To share more broadly Yale’s intellectual assets with the world and build institutional relationships through which new assets are developed.