Hopper College Window Commission Committee (2019-20)

The committee was charged to gather proposals and recommend an artist or artists to create new windows for Hopper College.  As the committee solicited proposals, they welcomed ideas for artists from inside and outside the Yale community. To learn more, see the background information regarding the committee’s work.

In 2019, the committee announced that artist Faith Ringgold will design a new set of windows for Grace Hopper College’s common room, and in 2020, Barbara Earl Thomas accepted a commission to design a new set of windows for the dining hall of the college. 

In August 2022, twelve new windows designed by the artists were installed in Grace Hopper College. Barbara Earl Thomas spoke about the new windows with Dean Kym Pinder and Professor Anoka Faruqee at the Yale University Art Gallery on September 12, 2022. Photos and sketches of the windows were shown during the event. A list of the windows with captions is also available.

Barbara Earl Thomas spoke about the new windows, including two niches, with Christopher Paul Jordon on November 14, 2022, and images of the windows  were shown during the event.

Anoka Faruqee
Committee Members: 
Julia Adams
John Bollier
Brian Dolan
Lauren Gatta
John Stuart Gordon
George Iskander
Martin Kersels
Mary Lui
Amber Young